We thought you wouldn't want to wait for a mailing list distribution, so instead we developed Race Alerts. Subscribing to Race Alerts costs you nothing and means that you are notified of events that match your criteria within 24 hours of the race organiser adding the details to the Running Diary database.

To add a Race Alert profile click here.

Race Alerts are Running Diary's way of letting you know that we have an event that you might be interested in. You set up a profile with the type of events that you are interested in and then if a race organiser adds an event that matches your criteria, we'll alert you via email within 24 hours.
To set up your own Race Alert profile, click here then: Click on "Create New Race Alert" Type in the range of distances that you are interested in. Running Diary converts everything to metres to match your criteria against the database, so just enter the distances using the unit most convenient to you. Next, select the terrain(s) that you are interested in. Finally, select the region or regions that you want to run in. When you are happy with the criteria, click on the "Store Criteria" button to save your alert.
We think most people will only want 1 Alert, but here's a couple of reasons why you might want more: If you want to search for different distances for different terrain types. If you want to search for different regions for different terrain types.
We may send you notification of new Running diary features, but that's about it. We certainly will NOT forward your email address to other parties or bombard you with irrelevant email. How do I get a charity added to those listed on Running Diary and how much does it cost? We will gladly add registered charities to our charities listing here: http://www.runningdiary.co.uk/go/charities.cgi You just need to send the following information to chris@runningdiary.co.uk : - The name of the charity. - The charity registration number. - The web page that you would like us to link to. - A description of no more than 500 characters. - A file containing the charity's logo, preferrably in PC format TIFF/PNG/GIF/JPEG. There is no cost for being listed.
We always listen to feedback and happily all of it has been postive and constructive so far. So thank you. We've also made the following changes as a direct result of feedback: Added a "Du/Triathlon" Category with distance splits Added a "Fun Run" Category Added an "orienteering" Category Reminder to the race organisers to state "cheques payable to" when accepting Universal entry forms Several entry form improvements Added a "hit counter" for organisers to see the exposure of their events Added the option to suppress the distribution of Race Alerts for organisers making minor amendments to events
There's several reasons. Firstly, we both have very full time jobs, so the time to develop and maintain such a facility is at a premium. Secondly, the web site is run primarily as a hobby, so anything that dramatically increases the bandwidth is a problem. So we decided to just concentrate on the Running Diary and hopefully make a good job of it. If you would like to find race results, please check out the sites listed in our links directory.

Who Runs Running Diary?

Chris Brown

Previously a member of the London club Metros and Chiltern Harriers A.C., I now live and work in Hampshire. I'm a keen runner and I enjoy track and road running, though I'm unlikely to break any world records at either! Some years back, whilst looking on the Internet for a road race, I found plenty of lists of races, but I struggled to find a definitive event database that gave me the search facilities that I wanted. That's why I came up with the idea to set up Running Diary as a free service for fellow runners. What I didn't have was the experience of putting together a professional web site. This is where my friend and colleague Jeremy comes in.

Jeremy Solly

Whilst not a particularly accomplished runner, I do enjoy a couple of laps around our place of work at lunchtime - I think it makes Chris feel better about himself while I puff and wheeze my way around before he sprints off for yet another lap! What I lack in athleticism, I try to make up for in programming and web site creation. I've created a number of sites over the past few years, under the guise of adBurst and IT Help Limited. When Chris suggested I lock myself away in my office for months coding Running Diary I was out of breath (see above) and I don't think he quite heard me cough "no" - so here it is.... enjoy :o)

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